Once The Genocide Started - EP

by Disclone

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The jews, the romani, the armenians, who's next? The bosniaks, the tutsi, the herero, who's next?
You can’t see the sky from all the falling missiles Ripped off bodyparts scattered all around (chorus) The bomb raid continues The survivors of the explosions are trapped in a burning city with nothing left and nowhere to go (chorus) The bomb raid continues
are you going to drop the bomb or not? It would Take one order to get all of us killed. (chorus) Fear of nuclear war to come North korea, north america north starts with "n" like nuclear (chorus) fear of nuclear war to come when president sees red he pushes the red button and end the future of all of mankind (chorus) fear of nuclear war to come
anger and sorrow (chorus) the aspects of war futility and lawlessness (chorus) The aspects of war
children on the battlefield with guns in their hands scarred for life if not dead (chorus) thousands of children yearly die small bodyparts all over the place children suffer for some rich guys' sake (chorus) thousands of children yearly die
home destroyed, family torn apart (chorus) life after war mentally scarred generations (chorus) life after war shitload of people left to starve (chorus) life after war


"the aspects of war" written by disclose.

recorded in july and august 2018 by ourselves, with some help of max zamernik, who also did backing vocals on "just another genocide" and "armed children".


released August 8, 2018


all rights reserved


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